ḤAKIM, ELIAHU (1925–1945), Jew executed in egypt in the Mandate Period. Ḥakim was born in beirut , and was brought to Ereẓ Israel by his parents at the age of seven. At   the age of 17 he joined Leḥi. Together with Eliahu Bet-Ẓuri he was sent by his organization to cairo to assassinate Lord Moyne, then British Minister of State for the Middle East, whose seat was in Cairo. The attempt was successful, but Bet-Ẓuri and Ḥakim were apprehended. They were sentenced to death by a military court in Cairo on Jan. 1, 1945, and executed on Mar. 22. Their remains were interred in the Jewish cemetery of Cairo. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Y. Nedava, Olei-ha-Gardom (1966); Y. Gurion, Ha-Niẓẓahon Olei Gardom (1971).

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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